Joel Grubbe has been working with graphic design and cartoons for over two decades. As with most artists, Joel draws from the existing contemporary forms for inspiration. However, his work is clearly unique and inspired.

His humorous and thought provoking cartoons and drawings look great in print as well as on the web. They are ideal for various products such as mugs, business cards, t-shirts, calendars, hats, mouse pads, or bumper stickers.

Below is a comment from Joel’s mother regarding the brain injury that Joel sustained in January of 2010 that left him hospitalized.

“It was last January when I (Mary, Joel’s mother) received a call saying that Joel was in critical condition in a hospital in San Jose, California. He had been assaulted in broad daylight as he returned home from work. The attacker was arrested and Joel had surgery to remove a clot in his brain and the bone flap in his head.

Since then Joel has been in and out of hospitals and rehab centers in California and Iowa. He often can’t think of the right word to say, the one that he knows is there but is inaccessible. He gets around with a cane and keeps his sense of humor.

We packed his stuff quickly in California and brought it back to Iowa City. Most of his vinyl records, tapes and comic book collection are in storage but we, his brothers and I, have found some of the cartoons and comics he has drawn.

A couple of weeks ago while he was at a wonderful Brain Injury Care Facility in Ankeny Iowa, he started drawing again.

We would like to reproduce some of Joel’s work here and hope to encourage him to chronicle some of his experiences and reactions during the months since his injury.

We also want to include here some information about Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI) and to include some of resources available to people with TBI.” ~ Mary Vasey